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Rich Vera Video Notes Prophecies After 21 Day Fast

The Spirit of change Is Upon You O India!

By Rich Vera

  • Has 1000 verified miracles.
  • 21 full fast but water.
  • 1 day on fast Lord took up and showed him things.
We are the last generation.

BELIEVE that is what SAVES!!!  That’s what gives you the holy glow.

Cuba will have Christian explosion.  They will now minister to USA.

Spirit of change on India.  Australia and India. Nuclear power expanding to help poor of India.  Christian church explosion (expansion)  in India.

Even Catholics will start repenting and many will become born again.

India will carry Gospels to the nations!  Many missionaries will come out of India which will bless the world.

Christianity will be accepted in society and government in India.

Prosperity to body of Christ.

The cure of cancer within 5 years will spread.  Out of Europe will come cures of cancers and other diseases that won’t be stopped by corrupted medical monopoly systems (ahem usa).

God is about to judge Alzheimers because it has taken his servants.

Coming revival in the Catholic church which will lead many to be saved.

God has best intentions for your life.

Donald Trump prophetic shaping 2016 legacy. Trump will bring to light to expose the secrets of darkness here in USA.  Lord gave a vision.   A prayer that Donald had with the Lord that the Lord marked his life and why prosperity has come on him.

White House – Rich Vera actually went into the White House in the spirit.  Obama started to tear up.  wasn’t able to handle  Going corner Obama so he will call on the name of the Lord.  Obama to be saved???  Yahoo!

Spirit of fear on the land amongst the brothers and sisters in Christ.  God’s glory is going to surround us like a bubble.  Great light lifting up the body of Christ.  He is lifting up evangelists.  There will be signs, wonders and miracles on USA.

God is about to raise the supernatural:  provisions,  where you know only God has done it.  Don’t have to wait anymore says God: “PREACH MY GOSPEL AND MY SIGNS AND WONDERS WILL FOLLOW YOU.  RISE UP EVANGELISTS WITH MIRACLE SIGNS AND WONDERS”.

God is making way to travel faster.

Oil lose it’s power.  New system of fueling.  Oil is going to become secondary to what God is bring to the Earth, from the Earth.

God Bless You All!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

We Are In The End Time!!!!!

Historic Tommy Hicks Vision Of End Time Church and Ministry – 1961

Tommy Hicks, an evangelist, was used by the Lord in the great Argentine Revival. God gave him vision in 1961 of the end times, a vision of the giant end–time ministry.

1.This vision began July 25th, about 2:30 in the morning, in Winnipeg, Canada.

The vision came three times, exactly in detail, the morning of July 25th, 1961. I was so stirred and so moved by the revelation that this has changed my complete outlook upon the body of Christ, and upon the end–time ministry.

The greatest thing that the church of Jesus Christ has ever been given, lies straight ahead.

It is difficult to help men and women to realize the thing that God is trying to give to His people in the end–time.

2. I do not think I fully realized nor could I understand the fullness of it until I read in the book of Joel 2:23, Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.

It is not only going to rain the former and the latter rain, but He is going to give His people in these last days a double portion of the power of God.

When this vision appeared to me, I suddenly found myself at a great height. I was looking down upon the earth, when suddenly the whole world came into view – every nation, every kindred, every tongue came before my sight. From the east and the west; from the north and the south; I recognized the countries and cities that I had been in. I was almost in fear and trembling as I stood beholding the great sight before me. At that moment, when the world came into view, it began to lightning and thunder.

As the lightning flashed over the face of the earth, my eyes went downward – and I was facing the north. Suddenly I beheld what looked like a great giant. As I stared and looked at it, I was almost bewildered by the sight. The giant was gigantic. His feet seemed to reach to the north pole and his head to the south pole. His arms were stretched from sea to sea. I could not even begin to understand whether this was a mountain or whether this was a giant. As I watched, I suddenly beheld that it was a great giant. I could see he was struggling for life, to even live. His body was covered with debris from head to foot; and at times this great giant would move his body and act as though he would rise up. When he did, thousands of little creatures seemed to run away. Hideous looking creatures would run away from this giant and when he would become calm, they would come back.

All of a sudden this great giant lifted one hand toward the heavens, and then he lifted his other hand. When he did, these creatures by the thousands seemed to flee away from this giant and go out into the night.

Slowly this great giant began to rise – and as he did, his head and hands went into the clouds. As he arose to his feet he seemed to have cleansed himself from the debris and filth that was upon him, and he began to raise his hands into the heavens as though praising the Lord. As he raised his hands, they went even unto the clouds.
Suddenly, every cloud became silver; the most beautiful silver that I have ever known. As I watched the phenomenon, it was so great, I could not even begin to understand what it all meant, I was so stirred as I watched it. I cried unto the Lord and I said, “Oh, Lord, what is the meaning of this?” And it felt as if I was actually in the Spirit and I could feel the presence of the Lord, even as I was asleep.

From those clouds, suddenly there came great drops of liquid light raining down upon this mighty giant. Slowly, slowly, this giant began to melt – began to sink, as it were, into the very earth itself. As he melted, his whole form seemed to have melted upon the face of the earth. This great rain began to come down. Liquid drops of light began to flood the very earth itself. As I watched this giant that seemed to melt, suddenly it became millions of people over the face of the earth. As I beheld the sight before me, people stood up all over the world. They were lifting their hands and they were praising the Lord.

At that very moment there came a great thunder that seemed to roar from the heavens. I turned my eyes toward the heavens, and suddenly I saw a figure in white, in glistening but somehow I knew that it was the Lord Jesus Christ. He stretched forth His hand. As He did, He would stretch it forth to one, and to another, and to another as He stretched forth His hand upon the peoples and the nations of the world – men and women. As He pointed toward them, this liquid light seemed to flow from His hand into this person and a mighty anointing of God came upon them. Those people began to go forth in the name of the Lord.

I do not know how long I watched it. It seemed it went into days and weeks and months. I beheld this Christ as He continued to stretch forth His hand. But there was a tragedy. There were many people, as He stretched forth His hands, that refused the anointing of God and call of God. I saw men and women that I knew, people that I felt that certainly they would receive the call of God. As He stretched forth His hand toward this one, and towards that one, they simply bowed their heads and began to back away. To each of those that seemed to bow down and back away, they seemed to go into darkness. Blackness seemed to swallow them everywhere.

I was bewildered as I watched it. These people that He had anointed covered the earth. There were hundreds of thousands of these people all over the world – in Africa, Asia, Russia, China, America – all over the world. The anointing of God was upon these people as they went forth in the name of the Lord. I saw these men and women as they went forth. They were ditch diggers, they were washer women, they were rich men, they were poor men. I saw people who were bound with paralysis and sickness, and blindness and deafness. As the Lord stretched forth His hand to give them this anointing, they became well, they became healed – and they went forth.

This is the miracle of it. This is the glorious miracle of it. Those people would stretch forth their hands exactly as the Lord did, and it seemed that there was this same liquid fire that seemed to be in their hands. As they stretched forth their hands, they said, “According to my word, be thou made whole.”

As these people continued in this mighty end–time ministry, I did not fully realize what it was. I looked to the Lord and said, “What is the meaning of this?” He said, “This is that, that I will do in the last day. I will restore all the cankerworm, the palmerworm, the caterpillar – I will restore all that they have destroyed. This, My people in the end–time, shall go forth and as a mighty army shall they sweep over the face of the earth.”

As I was at this great height, I could behold the whole world. I watched these people as they were going to and fro over the face of the earth. Suddenly there was a man in Africa, and in a moment he was transported in the Spirit of God, and perhaps he was in Russia, or China, or America, or some other place, and vice versa. All over the world these people went. They came through fire and through pestilence and through famine. Neither fire nor persecution – nothing seemed to stop them.

Angry mobs came to them with swords and with guns, and like Jesus, they passed through the multitude and they could not find them. But they went forth in the name of the Lord. Everywhere they stretched forth their hands, the sick were healed, the blind eyes were opened. There was not a long prayer. I never saw a church, and I never saw or heard a denomination. These people were going in the name of the Lord of Hosts.

As they marched forward as the ministry of Christ in the end–time, these people ministered to the multitudes over the face of the earth. Tens of thousands, even millions seemed to come to the Lord Jesus Christ as these people stood forth and gave the message of the kingdom – of the coming kingdom – in this last hour. It was so glorious! It seemed there were those that rebelled. They would become angry. They tried to attack those workers that were giving the message.

God is going to give to the world a demonstration in this last hour such as the world has never known. These men and women are of all walks of life. Degrees will mean nothing. I saw these workers as they were going over the face of the earth. When one would seem to stumble and fall, another would come and pick him up. There were no big “I” little “you”. Every mountain was brought low and every valley was exalted, and they seemed to have one thing in common – there was a divine love that seemed to flow forth from these people as they went together, as they worked together, as they lived together. It was the theme of their life. They continued and it seemed the days went by as I stood and beheld this sight. I could only cry – and sometimes I laughed. It was so wonderful as these people went throughout the face of the whole earth showing forth God’s power in this last end–time.

As I watched from the very heaven itself, there were times when great deluges of this liquid light seemed to fall upon great congregations. The congregations would lift their hands and seemingly praise God for hours and even days, as the Spirit of God came upon them. God said, “I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh.” That is exactly the thing that God was doing. From every man and woman that received this power and the anointing of God, the miracles of God flowed continuously.

Suddenly there was another great clap of thunder that seemed to resound around the world. Again I heard the voice saying: “Now, this is My people; this is My beloved bride.” When the voice spoke, I looked upon the earth and I could see the lakes and the mountains. The graves were opened and people from all over the world, the saints of all ages, seemed to be rising. as they rose from the graves – suddenly all these people came from every direction – from the east and the west, from the north and the south, and they seemed to be forming again this gigantic body. As the dead in Christ seemed to be rising first, I could hardly comprehend it. It was so marvelous. It was so far beyond anything I could ever dream or think of.

This huge body suddenly began to form and take shape again, and its shape was in the form of the mighty giant, but this time it was different. It was arrayed in the most beautiful, gorgeous white. Its garments were without spot or wrinkle as this body began to form, and the people of all ages seemed to be gathering into this body. Slowly, from the heavens above, the Lord Jesus came and became the head. I heard another clap of thunder that said, “This is My beloved bride for whom I have waited. She will come forth, even tried by fire. This is she that I have loved from the beginning of time.”

As I watched, my eyes turned to the far north and I saw great destruction, men and women in anguish and crying out, and buildings destroyed. Then I heard again, the fourth voice that said, “Now is My wrath being poured out upon the face of the earth.” From the ends of the whole world, it seemed that there were great vials of God’s wrath being poured out upon the face of the earth. I can remember it as I beheld the awful sight of seeing the cities, and whole nations going down into destruction. I could hear the weeping and the wailing. I could hear people crying. They seemed to cry as they went into caves, but the caves and the mountains opened up. They leaped into water, but the water would not drown them. There was nothing that seemingly could destroy them. They were wanting to take their lives but they did not succeed.

Again I turned my eyes toward the glorious sight of this body arrayed in the beautiful white shining garment. Slowly, slowly, it began to lift from the earth, and as it did, I awoke. This sight that I had beheld – I had seen the end-of-time ministry, the last hour.

Again on July 27 at 2:30 in the morning the same revelation, the same vision, came again exactly as it did before.

My life has been changed as I realize that we are living in that end time, for all over the world God is anointing men and women with this ministry. It will not be doctrine. It will not be “churchianity;” but it is going to be Jesus Christ.

They will give forth the word of the Lord and are going to say – I heard it so many times in the vision – “According to my word, it shall be done.”

Oh people, listen to me! “According to my word, it shall be done.” We are going to be clothed with power and anointing from God. We won’t have to preach sermons. We won’t have to preach sermons. We won’t have to depend on man, nor will we be denominational echoes, but we will have the power of the living God! We will fear no man, but will go in the name of the Lord of Hosts!

Tommy Hicks died in Los Angeles, California around 1973.


Little is known of Tommy Hicks before his meteoric rise to fame in the Argentinian Revival of 1954. As early as October 1952 his apparently small meetings were reported in the Voice of Healing. ‘Evangelist Tommy Hicks has just concluded an old-fashioned Union Camp Meeting at Artesia and Atlantic Blvds. (Los Angeles) Many were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Numerous others were healed as Brother Hicks prayed for them. No earthly language could describe the meeting. One woman who had been seeking the Baptism for 20 years received it in five minutes' time. Praise God for His goodness to the children of men. Mary Louise Bradshaw.’

There are very few entries in the VOH for 1952-1953, but in July 1954 the VOH reported an outstanding crusade that Hicks held during the previous weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Clearly Tommy Hicks time had come. He had gone to Argentina to replace another evangelist who was unable to fulfil his commitment for full-gospel meetings. Hicks suggested to the local church committee the possibility of hiring a 25,000 seater stadium and employing the press and radio to advertise the meetings. This seemed absolutely absurd but Tommy Hicks, unwaivering in his faith, made arrangement to visit the Argentine dictator leader, President Juan Peron.

An armed guard interrogated Tommy as he entered and he explained that he wanted to hold a salvation-healing campaign in the city. The guard queried whether God actually healed people and the affirmative reply prompted him to request prayer. The power of God entered the room and the man was instantly freed from pain and sickness. ‘Come back tomorrow and I’ll get you in to see the President,’ were his parting words.

Tommy Hicks returned the next day and was soon ushered into the presence of this feared leader. He quickly explained that he wanted to conduct a salvation-healing campaign in a large stadium, with press and radio coverage. President Peron was suffering from a persistent and disfiguring skin disease which had become so noticeable that he no longer allowed photographs to be taken. He asked Tommy Hicks if Jesus could heal him. As they clasped hands the power of God immediately flowed into Peron’s body and his skin became as clear as a baby’s!

Needless to say Peron gave Tommy everything he requested. The Atlantic Stadium with a seating capacity of 25,000 was rented. Soon overwhelming crowds forced them to relocate to the Huracane Football Stadium with a seating capacity of 110,000, which also overflowed. In two months 3 million were reported to have attended with 300,000 decisions for Christ and a massive number of outstanding healings.

Tommy Hicks claimed among his converts the vice president of Argentina, who along with his wife came to Bro. Hicks' hotel room where they were both saved. He reported that he healed the son of the vice president of Bolivia and met with "the richest woman in Argentina."

A year later Tommy returned to Argentina where, as reported in the November 1955 edition of the Voice of Healing, “for ten days, he preached in the Atlanta Stadium. Then suddenly the meetings were closed down, and the evangelist was forced to remain in his hotel room. Later, in a meeting with President Peron he was informed that the president had learned of a plot to kill the evangelist, and therefore he was taken into custody and given protection. Later, however, he was released and was given permission to preach in many of the cities of Argentina.

After the close of his second Argentina campaign, Hicks left for Europe, with the purpose of preaching behind the Iron Curtain, in Russia and the satellite countries. The proposed venture was so bold that those who heard it were sceptical and thought that it was an advertising stunt. They reckoned wrongly, however, for the God of these men who have been called to a ministry of deliverance in these last days, is a God with whom nothing is impossible. Through a series of miracles, God opened the door so that Tommy Hicks was not only able to preach the Gospel in the satellite countries, but in Russia itself. Thus for the first time in many years the Full Gospel message was preached within the Soviet Union, openly, and by an evangelist from the democratic nations. While on the way to Russia, Brother Hicks stopped in Jerusalem. He begins by telling of his experiences there at Calvary and the Tomb of Jesus.”

This success overseas won him support from the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship and opened the door to many places for ministry back in the US. .

Tony Cauchi
Januray 2012

Bibliography: D. Harrell, Jr., All Things Are Possible (1975); Art: S. Shemeth, International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements (2002); Thy God Reigneth: The Story of Revival in Argentina; Various VOH magazines

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The Coming Revival


By Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947), who is known as the apostle of faith, moved in true healings and miracles and even raised people from the dead, according to many reports. Shortly before he passed into glory he prophesied:

"During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the church in Great Britain. The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it, and will be characterised by the restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The second move of the Holy Spirit will result in people leaving historic churches and planting new churches. In the duration of each of these moves, the people who are involved will say, `This is a great revival.´ But the Lord says, `No, neither is this the great revival but both are steps towards it.´

When the new church phase is on the wane, there will be evidence in the churches of something that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the word and those with an emphasis on the Spirit.

When the word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest move of the Holy Spirit that the nations, and indeed, the world have ever seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and Welsh revivals of former years.

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What Will You Choose? Givers Heart Desire Or His Work For You!

The Door To God’s Heart

By Gabriel Hoffman

I saw the Lord Jesus come to me. He said, “Come, Father has something special for you.” Excited, I followed my Lord and Savior to the throne room. Father God was there in all His majestic glory. He greeted me with a smile. “Son,” He said, “It is time for you to choose your life and ministry.”

“Really?” I responded with joy and amazement. “Oh, Father! This is the day I have been waiting, preparing, and praying for. Is it really time?”

“Yes, My son. It is time. But you must choose wisely, for this will be your life’s work.”

Then I remembered that He was Lord of my life. “But Father, what is your will for me?” He smiled. “Son, I’ve prepared you to serve me in any number of ministries. The choice is yours. Truly I give you the freedom to choose from the set of options I have prepared for you. Any of them will please Me as long as you are faithful in how you carry them out. Do you understand?”

“Yes Father.” I replied, still too stunned to say anything more. Father took me to a great golden door and led me through. It opened to a corridor curving gently downhill and to the left. In the corridor stood a number of tables, each with an object on it. Beside each table was a door that exited the hallway.

“My dear son,” said Father, “We will go to each table and I will explain the ministerial gift and call you may choose. I will answer any questions you have. At any point, you may choose an option and exit through the appropriate door into your ministry and My happiness.”

“Yes Father, I am ready to begin.” The first table was covered in bright green velvet and held a bottle of oil. Over the doorway was inscribed, “HEALING.” I looked questioningly at the Father. “This is the ministry of healing. The green table represents health and life. The bottle is the healing oil of the Holy Spirit. In this ministry you will have power to touch people in spirit, soul and body and bring My healing to many.”

I thought to myself, “This would be great! Oh the aching hearts and broken bodies I could touch. The glory that would be brought to Jesus by this!” Yet, something in my heart tugged at me. “Father! This would be wonderful, but….”

“But I feel you have something even more important for me.” He smiled and led me to the next table. As we walked to the next table, I noticed how the carpet looked worn in front of the door of Healing. I asked Father about this. “Many have chosen this door. Those who were faithful brought great glory to the Kingdom and pleasure to Me. Those who abused the gift brought shame to us and themselves.”

The next table was made of electric blue azure. On it laid a wooden staff. Over the doorway was inscribed “MIRACLES” in blazing letters. As we stopped in front of the table, Father spoke. “The blue represents My power. On the table is Elijah’s staff. With it you can have tremendous power with man and nature. You can do supernatural acts for Me.”

The Staff of Elijah! I had long admired his power, and his mighty exploits for God. And yet, that longing inside my heart was not satisfied. “This would be tremendous, my Lord, but somehow, my heart yearns for something deeper, and more lasting.” I thought I caught a glimmer of approval on Father’s face as He said, “Very well, shall we go on?”

I nodded. We went around the curved corridor until I could no longer see the door by which we entered. Next we came to a table of black marble shot through with white. Over the doorway “PROPHECY” was written in bold block letters on a pure white background. On the table was a worn pair of sandals. As we stopped in front of the table, Father spoke again.

“The colors represent the nature of prophecy. The prophet clearly sets forth the light of the Truth in a world darkened by lies. The sandals belonged to John the Baptist. In this ministry, you would be my oracle to those of the world.”

“Prophecy?!” I thought to myself. “That would be outstanding. I’ve always longed to speak the very words of God. There are so many lies going around the world and even in the Church. There is a desperate need for true prophets in these last days.”

Still, the tugging in my heart did not cease. In fact, it grew stronger. Father smiled again in approval.

“Son, you are wise to be thoughtful about these gifts. They are very powerful and can be quite dangerous if pursued with a wrong heart, like carrying a large electric current through a corroded wire. Many have used these gifts well and have entered into My joy, but too many others have destroyed themselves and those around them in their abuse of these gifts. You are free to choose these, and I will work with and in you for their proper use.”

“Thank you Father, but I desire something deeper and closer to Your heart.”

“Closer to My heart, son? Very well, let us press on.” As we walked farther down the corridor, I noticed two things. First, the light was growing somewhat dimmer and second, I could hear a faint thump-thump in the distance. It sounded like a drum and although I wondered about it, I held my peace.

The next table was made of brightly polished brass. On it laid a finely made trumpet. Over the doorway was written “EVANGELISM” in letters nearly as bright as the sun.

We stopped in front of the table, and I quietly waited for Father to explain this ministry to me. He began speaking. “The ministry of evangelism is very special in the Kingdom. The brass table represents My judgment against sin. The trumpet heralds the Good News that My Son, Jesus, bore the Judgment on behalf of mankind. The brilliant lettering is a glimpse of the Heavenly Kingdom .”

I pondered these things silently for a moment. It would be such a thrill to lead others to New Life in Jesus. There are so many suffering people who need the Good News. The Lord Jesus and the Father deserve to have more people gathered around the Throne in worship and adoration. Does not all of Heaven rejoice each time a sinner repents? I knew that this ministry would bring great joy to the Father, but the tugging on my heart grew stronger.

“Oh Father, this would be truly wonderful, but I feel that you still have something more for me. Father, may we go on?”

“Yes, son. The choice is yours. Let’s go to the next table.”

We walked farther down the corridor and came to a table made of pure white alabaster. On it were a piece of slate and chalk. Over the doorway was written “TEACHING.”

“Son, this is also a very special ministry to the Kingdom. There are so many in dire need of proper teaching of My true Word; the Word as it is recorded in the scriptures and that which is being poured forth day after day from the throne. The white table represents the purity of the properly taught Word. The slate and chalk represent the instruments of an instructor of the things of God.”

This is it, I thought. “This is what I came to Bible School for. I know the Lord has placed a call for teaching on my heart. And, as Father said, it is desperately needed in the body of Christ.”

I was just about to tell Father that this was the one I wanted when I felt the tugging even stronger in my heart. I looked down the corridor. It was dark but it seemed like the drumbeat was coming from that direction. It wouldn’t hurt to see what else Father had available.

“Father, this is the one that I thought was for me, but now I’m not so sure. Can we walk a little farther?”

“Of course, my son.”

As we walked on, I noticed that the light was growing dimmer, and the drum beating was more distinct. I asked Father about it.

“Son, the lights are dimmer here as we descend farther away from the more open and public ministries. As for the drum beating, I think it is best if you discover the source of that for yourself.”

We walked farther down the corridor and came to its end. Three tables were set there; one on each side and one at the end. We stopped in front of the table on the right. It was made of pure silver and glimmered, even in the dim light. On it was a small wooden cross. Across the doorway, written in blood red letters, was the word “LOVE.”

“This is a deep ministry, my son. Few come this far. The silver represents a pure reflective surface for My love to shine upon. The cross is a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus, in demonstrating ultimate love to the world. The blood-colored letters are a memorial to the blood shed there.”

“Love?” I whispered. “That is what this hurting world needs so incredibly. There are so few who really love with God’s true love. It would be a tremendous privilege to carry His love where He bids.” Yet, the longing in my heart was still not satisfied.

We turned around to see the table on the left wall. It was made of black ebony. On it was a simple mat. Written above the doorway was the word “INTERCESSION.” On the door itself was this question; “Who will stand in the gap?”

The Father spoke quietly. “The black represents the darkness and depth of intercession. It is dark in the prayer closet and an intercessor must be willing to go into the depths of sin to rescue the perishing by prayer. The prayer mat is the simple tool of the intercessor. There are so few intercessors, son. Few people will make themselves so available to Me that they will not despise a work which appears to be nothing while in reality, moves the entire universe.”

“Oh Father, to be a true intercessor. To represent man before You and represent You before man. I would so love to be able to stand in the gap and pray your burdens for the world. I know I would receive little earthly recognition. I would be satisfied in knowing that I was part of your touch in this world. But, what is the final ministry?”

We walked a short distance to stand before the final table and door. There was very little light and the drumbeat was quite loud. The table was made of pure gold and shined with an inner light. On the table was a small golden altar with incense burning. Over the doorway was written, in gold letters,


Father spoke very quietly, barely audible over the drumbeat. “Son, this is a ministry that very, very few choose. The gold represents divinity. The altar is one that stands in the Heavenly tabernacle and burns fragrant incense to Me. This ministry will not earn earthly recognition. The world and most of the Church may think you spend your time for naught. It is the ministry of service to Me, not to achieve anything or affect the world but merely to be My worshipper, companion, and friend.”

Father stood there looking quietly at the door. I could not see His face in the dim light. I asked Him, “Father, what is your desire?”

“Son, you are free to choose any, I rejoice in all faithful service.”

So, I stood there quietly thinking. What did I really want to do with my life? There are so many needs in the world and in the Church. So few were truly faithful. I knew the workers were few. And yet, I could not shake the growing desire in my heart. To serve God? Nothing else; just to minister unto Him. How many others would there be with me? Would my family understand? What about my Church?

As I pondered all of this, I started thinking about how worthy Father was to be worshipped and adored. That very task would be our heavenly activity, according to the Book of Revelations. Couldn’t a few of us start now? Then I thought of all that Jesus had done for me on the cross.

What higher thing could I do with my life, anyway?

“Father, I choose this door, this path. Are you sure, My son? Yes Father, quite sure. Good son, go in.”

As Father turned to face me, I could see tears streaming down His face. I stopped in amazement. Before I could think about it, I reached up and wiped His tears. I then realized what I had done.

“Father, please forgive me. I didn’t mean to be so impertinent.” He reached down and hugged me. “Son, never be sorry for that. You have dried My tears and you will do it many times again in this ministry. There is so much in the world that brings Me to tears of grief. Only a few move me to tears of joy!

With that, Father opened the door for me and motioned me to enter. As I went in, the first thing that struck me was the drumbeat. It was quieter in the room. I realized that it was not a drumbeat at all, but His heart beat. Next, I saw someone coming to embrace me. I knew just by looking at Him that He was Jesus.

Warmly, He said, “It is wonderful to see you here. So you have chosen to minister to the Father with Myself and the other great people in this room. Slowly, I turned my head. Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and many others gazed upon me with welcoming expressions.

“With you? All of you?” I asked bewildered. “Of course! What do you think I was doing for all of eternity before there was any creation? I ministered unto the Father. And now, I’m so glad that you are joining us in this marvelous duty and alliance.

Jesus then turned to me, His expression more serious. “It is time that I give you this precious gift.” In His hand was a beautiful ornate golden key. I was puzzled.

Then He said, “This is the key to God’s Heart. It allows you to have access to Him at all times. You see, this is a Master Key. In His house, it will fit all the doors you passed by.

Because you choose Him and ministry to Him, you will be afforded intercession, teaching, evangelism, love and all the other ministries.

For all of the lesser are found in the Greater!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Prophecy For Our Times

NOTE: Published several months before the big Crash...


-First published June 2nd, 2008.

Ten years ago, I wrote a book entitled, America's Last Call: On the Brink of a Financial Holocaust. In that book, I warned of the following events:

o There would be a meltdown of the bond market.

o God's judgment would strike suddenly on the U.S. economy.

o A brief, false sense of prosperity would precede the coming economic collapse. (This short flicker of prosperity would be God's final mercy call before the chastening to come.)

o There would be a real estate meltdown, with a market made up of mostly sellers and very few buyers. Multitudes would lose their homes to repossession.

o There would be an ominous rise of homosexual power.

o A sudden storm of confusion would take place on Wall Street.

o God's watchmen and prophets would be silenced.

o The U.S. dollar would collapse.

o America would lose control of its economy. To date, China has loaned America hundreds of billions of dollars. We have become the world's number one debtor nation, no longer in control of our finances.

o Along with many other watchmen, I see that the greatest shaking of all is still to come.

o What we are about to witness upon the earth will affect every person living. The world is going to see a temporary calm, with relative stability, causing many to say, "The crisis has passed." But in truth, the real panic will still be ahead of us.

-Published June 2008 in the article, 'The Most Important Issue of This Hour' by D. Wilkerson.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What About Future America?

Will America Be Restored?

By Scott Webster

What a loaded question – especially in light of where the nation is presently. As a prophetic voice in the nation I am often asked that question, and it’s on the mind of everyone who lives here because the problems are on every front.

Some things are very obvious, like the rush towards redefining marriage, or the ineptness of the U.S. Congress to pass legislation. But other things are also in disrepair, one of them being the current state of disrepair of the physical infrastructure of the nation – see the sidebar.




LOCKS ON RIVERS: Although they exist outside the sight of most of us, there is an extensive system of 192 locks on 12,000 miles of river across the country – most of it in need of extensive repair. The locks allow barges to transport goods, but they were built in the 1930s and are often broken, causing barges to have to wait all day to pass through. The Corp of Engineers estimate it will cost $13 billion to fix the decay in existing locks, but that money isn’t available. With current budget limitations it will take until 2099 to complete repairs. Delayed delivery of goods means sluggish industry and higher prices, especially in the agricultural and concrete industry which depend heavily on barge transport.

INTERSTATE HIGHWAYS: The Eisenhower Interstate system was built in the 1950s and much of it is “functionally obsolete”, including 10% of all bridges. The I-35 bridge in Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi river during rush hour in 2007, killing 13 and injuring 145. The roads are too small for the number of Americans using it – 42% of interstate highways are categorized as “congested”. One engineer said, “We’ve used every Band-aid, every piece of duct tape, every wad of chewing gum we can to patch our way through.”


The physical infrastructure of America needs a massive overhaul, but the cost for that is estimated at $3.6 trillion, only a fraction of which is budgeted. The nation finds itself in a Catch 22; it doesn’t have the money to spend to improve the system due to a moribund economy and limited budgets, but if it doesn’t spend the money it risks squandering the lead it has enjoyed in the global economy over the last 50+ years. This reality is evidence that the American empire is declining relative to the rest of the world, as one analyst said of the transportation system, “What has been [the US’s] competitive advantage in infrastructure is at risk of being lost because it hasn’t kept infrastructure up to date.”

But the question of America’s restoration cannot be limited to rebuilding the physical infrastructure. There is decline in other areas also, including the economy, political polarization producing gridlock, and a level of spiritual and moral decline that is patently obvious. The question is a viable one – will the nation be restored to a place of strength, or will it continue to decline?

What Does the Lord Say?

What does the Lord say about the restoration of the nation? That is the key question, and if you have read The Arc of Empires you understand that we declare prophetically that there is clear Divine purpose in the nations decline, and the deterioration will continue as God deals with the earth through a series of crises. Not all agree; some claim other prophetic insights which contradict what we have put forth while others say that if we pray God could change His mind, as happened to Nineveh when impending judgment pronounced by Jonah was delayed for many years through the people’s repentance.

That leaves us with “competing” or contradictory prophetic views. I am not interested in mounting a defense to try and prove my view right, nor do I have any desire to be adversarial or to attack other views. But I’m very interested in helping people understand what God is speaking. Jeremiah’s key prophetic utterance was that Judah would be invaded by Babylon and broken by God, a word he declared in the first chapter of his book. The next 51 chapters describe the drama that ensues after a true word from God is released, including:

* Jeremiah’s consistent efforts to get people to understand what the Lord was saying, and his ongoing hopes that they would respond properly.

* Working through the nation’s blindness which was rooted in a sense of entitlement and exceptionalism based in their religious history.

* The narrative describes how the nation responded to the word of the Lord – kings were deposed, foreign armies mobilized and dispatched, harvests withered / economic collapse, false prophets were confronted in the temple and some died – all as a result of God talking.

Beyond releasing a true word from the Lord, the real task lies in helping the people of God to understand and respond correctly. Those that God wants to receive the word have to be led to a place of discernment so they know what is of the Lord and what is not, and there are clear Biblical instructions to do just that.



By Scott Webster
May 11, 2015

The Word Must be Redemptive

How can a word that America is in decline and will not be restored be “good”? Because the nation has been utilized by God to impact the earth on so many levels, it is difficult to understand for many believers, who believe that God desires to restore the nation. That is how they pray and what they work towards. This system of belief cannot fathom what redemptive purpose God could have in breaking the economic, political and social structures of the nation – but that is exactly the view that we are putting forth.


Polarization & Political Gridlock

Polarization is in the U.S. Congress is at an all time high, and it derives from both sincere ideological differences as well as deliberate exploiting of those differences in order to win elections. Healthy debate, building coalitions and bi-partisan lawmaking is essential to the function of a democracy. During the 20th century – as American Empire was expansive and robust – the Congress was a highly functional body as measured by bills proposed and passed into law. But the last few years it has dramatically worsened. The level of gridlock is now higher than its previous apex 150 years ago, in the immediate post Civil War era, when deep divisions polarized the nation.

Polarization reduces the capacity of Congress to govern, causing Standard and Poor’s to downgrade America’s credit rating in 2011 for the first time in history, noting that:”American governance and policy making become less stable, less effective and less predictable than what we previous believed.”


Prophetic Perspective – where is this going? Gridlock and ideological extremism will lead to:
* Extremely adversarial election process which will further deepen the rifts in 2016
* Continued downward spiral in the economy over the long term
* Inability to create a cohesive foreign policy in America’s relations with the rest of the world
* The splintering of the federal system and the very probable secession of states

This series of articles is to provide you with the tools to assess this prophetic perspective which is the basis for our book The Arc of Empires, written to equip people to partner with God and stand strong in the midst of the crisis. Every word from God must be ultimately redemptive because that reflects the nature of God Himself. There are two key aspects of redemptive purpose that underlie the decline of America:

1. The crisis in the earth is a sign of the presence of God and His readiness to bring deliverance.

2. The crisis is a call to His people to engage in reformation and transformation.

1. The Crisis is a sign in the earth of the presence of God and His readiness to bring deliverance. A generally accepted view among believers is that God is absent from the affairs of the nation, which has led to its devolving right before our eyes. But the example of our brothers in Ancient Egypt shows us that God is walking in the earth, breaking the nations in order to deliver His people. People wonder “where is God?” We proclaim: He is here! The plagues of Egypt weren’t just natural disasters or random events; they were a strategic assault by God against the darkness which held God’s people captive.

We know it was true in Ancient Egypt because the Scriptures strip away the facade and reveal the inner workings of God’s purpose that were behind the plagues. But the people living then didn’t have the Scriptures – they had to know by faith and by prophetic decree that God was in the crisis and it was redemptive, even while it was destabilizing everything around them. They had to look beyond Pharaoh and perceive the will of God, just as we must look beyond Obama (and whoever will win in 2016) and recognize there is purpose in the decline of the nation.

He is breaking the nations in order to deliver His people

Crisis is the environment of the End Time Church, a truth which is repeated over and over in Scripture. Jesus said crisis would be a sign of the end of the age: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains” (Mt 24:7-8). International upheaval, instability in the nations and multiplied natural disasters are the things that mark the end of the age, and they are called “the beginning of birth pains”. That means that like birth pains they will increase both in frequency and in intensity until God’s purposes are fulfilled.